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  • BugFix: Pipeline may not restart if crashed while stopping

  • BugFix: Broken UI for the audio dialog when auto reconfiguration is on


  • BugFix: Auto reconfiguration triggered while no input data are received

  • BugFix: Auto reconfiguration triggered while audio parameters aren't complete

  • BugFix: LT-5509: Correctly receive NDI HX


  • Log levels up to INFO preserved for console/journal (part of diagnostic package)


  • NDI source improvements:

    • PCR based on audio
    • Limit AV diff to [-250-250] ms
    • Limit audio coming too fast
    • Extended logs and small improvements for NDI input
  • Show NTP and PTP service status

  • BugFix: LT-5470: PTS calculation on framerate conversion UCs

  • BugFix: Avoid drops caused by violating latency constraints from NDI source (use only positive PTS offsets)

  • BugFix: NDI source getting stuck when scan rate changes

  • BugFix: LT-5499, LT-5532: Fix multiple AAC enc/dec PTS related issues

  • BugFix: Correct index 503 page for docker deployment


  • Total output bitrate setting automatic by default
  • LT-5483: Set default logging to journal and limit its size
  • BugFix: LT-5520: Missing audio prevents pipeline from autoreconfiguring (output pairs and quad cases)


  • BugFix: LT-5527: Move back to older AAC decoder for AAC non-HE to fix decoding RTMP input audio


  • BugFix: LT-5520: Missing audio prevents pipeline from autoreconfiguring

New Features

  • New TS muxer for larger compatibility and robustness, used as default

  • Latency addition option exposed in UI

  • Automatic total bitrate when 0 is used

  • Video passthrough (with bitrate=0) for any MPEG-TS video

  • AAC-HE on input and output, v2 for stereo

  • Different clocking mechanisms on NDI input available in UI (free-run, framesync, avsync)

  • PSF encoding for h264 and h265

  • Show status of SDI genlock in UI

  • [experimental] video pass-through for RTMP output


  • Improve latency of NVENC h264 workflows when used in LL mode expecting zero B-frames

  • Codec selector for pairs and quads mode of autoreconfiguration

  • Upgrade to JAVA 21 and Spring Boot to 2.7.18

  • Low-complexity framerate conversion modes in settings.ini

New Features

  • Downgrade nvEncodeAPI.h to version 11.1.5 (used for H.264 encoding)

  • Update nv_codec_headers for FFMpeg to (used for H.265 encoding)

New Features

  • Add possibility to configure SRT bonding (redundancy) for SRT caller

  • It's possible to specify multiple NDI discovery servers instead of just one

  • It's possible to adjust NDI codec quality using the NDI_CODEC_SHQ_QUALITY variable in settings.ini. This requires the ADVANCED_NDI license item. It's not available for BridgeLive.


  • BugFix: Enable processing of MPTS where PIDs of PMTs of different programs are equal
  • BugFix: Correctly use input/output NIC selected by user

UX/UI Improvements

  • UI: Improve Dashboard stream statistics