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Live Transcoder is a subscription-based software distributed as a Docker image.

Please get in touch with our Support at [email protected] - our specialists will prepare your subscription and send you access to the Customer Dashboard page.

Live Transcoder Dashboard

Customer Dashboard

On the Customer Dashboard, you'll find the following:

  1. Personal access token to our private DockerHub repository
    It looks similar to this: dckr_pat_R6jqYHF9a7fMe37esO_aW8PfWfQ. Older tokens can look like this 4df2f492-6617-4b91-9301-9fbad09f43fd.
  2. docker-compose file (docker-compose.yml) with prefilled Live Transcoder license key.
  3. Live Transcoder license key
    It looks similar to this:64544bd5-8df6-490c-bce7-468d035a8b1a

In the meantime, you can start preparing the instance and OS for the Live Transcoder Docker container in your preferred cloud provider or on-premise. When you got your subscription ready, you can run the Docker container.