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I can't see NDI sources

Live Transcoder can't see local NDI sources

This may be caused by several problems.

mDNS conflicts

NDI uses the mDNS (Avahi daemon on Linux) to discover NDI sources. Live Transcoder in Docker already has avahi-daemon up, and another avahi-daemon on your host system can lead to a conflict. Stopping the service on your host system solves the issue. You can stop it with this command.

sudo systemctl stop avahi-daemon

This command prevents the startup of the daemon at boot.

sudo systemctl disable avahi-daemon

Stop and start your Live Transcoder container again.

Cloud-specific problems

  • The Live Transcoder host instance is in a different VPC or subnet than your NDI source.
  • Ports needed for NDI source discovery are closed in your cloud provider's firewall (Security Groups in AWS)