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How to downgrade

If a downgrade from the latest image is needed please use the following steps:

  1. SSH to the host instance

  2. Run docker image ls to list all previous docker images

  3. Copy to clipboard the IMAGE ID of the desired container image. If no previous images are present please contact [email protected] and we will assist with next steps.

  4. Find the docker-compose.yml file. This should be in the following location: /home/your_user. If you cannot find the docker-compose.yml please use the following guide to obtain it

  5. Edit the docker-compose.yml in your chosen text editor. Replace image: "comprimato/live-transcoder:latest" with the IMAGE ID you copied earlier i.e. image: "IMAGE ID"

  6. Save the changes to the docker-compose.yml

  7. Run docker-compose up -d. This will compose Live Transcoder container from the IMAGE ID you selected.

  8. Verify the build version using the web UI > Setup > System Information