Run Docker container

Login to DockerHub

To access our private DockerHub registry and Live Transcoder docker images, you must log in with your distinctive DockerHub access token.

Get the access token

You need to get your personal access token from the Live Transcoder Dashboard. It looks similar to this: dckr_pat_R6jqYHF9a7fMe37esO_aW8PfWfQ. Older tokens can look like this 4df2f492-6617-4b91-9301-9fbad09f43fd.


On your host instance, run:

docker login --username comprimato

Once prompted, enter the DockerHub access token.

Get the docker-compose.yml

docker-compose.yml file contains instructions for Docker on how to run the Live Transcoder container. It also contains your license key so each license has its separate docker-compose.yml! You can download it from the Live Transcoder Dashboard.

On the Dashboard, there is a WGET button that generates the wget terminal command that can download the docker-compose.yml to your host instance. Click on it to copy the command to the clipboard. If you can't see the button, please, scroll right while hovering above your license row; it's in the rightmost column.

WGET button

WGET button

Your wget command will look similar to this.

wget -O docker-compose.yml http://link-generated-for-you

Run it on the host instance to download your docker-compose.yml.

Alternatively, you can download it to your computer by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button and upload it to your host instance manually, e.g., using the scpcommand:

scp -i path/to/your-private-key.pem path/to/docker-compose.yml [email protected]_ADDRESS:

Run the container!

Run the following command in the same directory as the docker-compose.yml file is located:

docker-compose up -d

Check that the Live Transcoder Docker container is running by a command:

docker ps

It should print output similar to this:

CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                               COMMAND        CREATED             STATUS         PORTS     NAMES
5c657d985670   comprimato/live-transcoder:latest   "/sbin/init"   About an hour ago   Up 6 seconds             transcoder0

What’s Next

Live Transcoder is running. Learn how to start using it.